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Chess is one of the few sports that can be learned online really well with guided training, practice, and analysis. Learning it online helps in visualizing the pattern and possible moves.

Advance Beginner

About Us

ChessBrains64 Academy has been operational since 2005 and is an established name in imparting training and organizing international chess tournaments. We have a presence in:

  • India
  • USA
  • Australia
  • UK
  • Singapore
  • UAE

Under the caring guidance of our exceptional instructors, young chess players gain confidence as they pass through each step of the journey from proficiency to mastery. Because children have unique learning styles, instructors begin by getting to know their students and tailor the training accordingly. Our classes feature a teacher-to-student ratio that sets us apart from other programs, affording students quality personalized attention in every class.

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Level Format

Online One-on-one and Group format are devised to impart maximum knowledge of chess, provide flexibility to choose Frequency, Days and Time.

Beginner Level 1

All your basic rules and important aspects to be a chess player in 2 months

Beginner Level 2

Learning to defend, attack and win the game in 3 months

Intermediate Level 1

To win a game, know where to sacrifice and how to tackle your opponent in just 5 months

Intermediate Level 2

Know how to control your opponent's moves and the game is yours to win (6 Months)

Beginner 1

  • Nature of the game, Square names, Movement of chessmen - ( King & Pawn)
  • Movement of Chessmen ( Rook & Bishop)
  • Movement of Chessmen ( Queen & Knight)
  • Introduction to Special Moves & Test 1 + Live Playing
  • Attacking
  • Giving Check & getting out of check
  • Special moves in detail
  • Check mate
  • Material- Capturing pieces & Test 2
  • Exchange - Good,equal, bad
  • Defending
  • How a game is drawn & Stalemate

Beginner 2

  • Basic of king & Pawn endgame & Berger's "Rule of the square"
  • Opening (development of pieces)
  • Double attack ( Difficulty level: Normal)
  • Knight fork (Difficulty level: Normal)
  • Test 1 + Live Playing & Analysis (implementation)
  • 1 Rook Check mate
  • Defending against check mate
  • Backrank & Skewer (Difficulty level: Normal)
  • Pin(Difficulty level: Normal)
  • Test 2 + Live Playing & Analysis(implementation)
  • Queen against 7th Rank pawn
  • Destroying the defender & Deflection (Difficulty level: Normal)
  • Discovered attack and discovered check(Difficulty level: Normal)

Intermediate 1

  • Mate in 1
  • Basic Checkmates(Queen)
  • Basic Checkmates(2 Rooks)
  • Basic opening principles & How to write a game
  • Test 1 + Live Playing & Analysis(Implementation)
  • Double attack(Difficulty level: Easy)
  • Knight Fork (Difficulty level: Easy)
  • Skewer and Back Rank (Difficulty level: Easy)
  • Pin(Difficulty level:Easy)
  • Test 2 + Live Playing & Analysis (Implementation)
  • Mate in 2
  • Destroying the defender & Distracting the defender (Difficulty level: Easy)
  • Discovered attack & Check(Difficulty level: Easy)
  • Mixed Motifs(Difficulty level: Easy)

Master 1

  • Mate in 3
  • Forced moves (Check, Capture, Threat)
  • Smothered mate & Windmill
  • X ray Attack
  • Test 1 + Live Playing & Analysis(Implementation)
  • Line Opening
  • Line Closing
  • Positional strengths of pieces
  • Pawn structures & imbalance concepts
  • Test 2 + Live Playing & Analysis ( Implementation)
  • Overloaded pieces
  • Combinations and Calculations
  • 2 Bishop Checkmate
  • The wrong square Bishop Endgame & Square Vacation

Master 2

  • Instructive Short games 1 & 2
  • Mating Motif( Queen + Rook battery, Queen + Bishop battery)
  • Pawn endgames
  • Test 1 + Live Playing & Analysis(Implementation)
  • Instructive Short games 3 & 4
  • Mating Motif(Legal's mate, Damiano's mate)
  • Mating Motif(Mate along open files, Boden's mate)
  • Positional Weaknesses
  • Test 2 + LIve Playing & Analysis(Implementation)
  • Mating Motif(Greco's mate, Pillsburry's mate)
  • Mating Motif(Blacburne's mate, Lolli's Mate)
  • Gamibits in the opening & Instructive short games


What our students have to say for us

Pankaj Singh


I am impressed by the lessons which helped me to improve my chess skills and also I could use those tactics and problem solving skills in my real life. It helped me a lot in my business and profession.

Sachin Bansal


Chess tactics helped me focus more on my work and helped me stay calm under pressure.

Ramesh Kumar


These lessons were so interactive for my 12yr old child. It helped him to improve his chess skills as well as his academic performance, he was able to focus on his studies more than before and stay calm and composed at many situations where he used toi freak out before.

Our Students

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  • International

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Who can tie up with The Chess Class?

The chess class provides professional coaching to individual coaching, coaching in schools, online coaching and personal coaching , with his well experienced international fide rated coach.


The expert chess coaching of the experienced and highly talented trainers at THE CHESS CLASS can also be availed at schools operating in different localities across Mumbai and Thane. School students can enrol themselves for special chess coaching periods at their school itself.


With the exceptional software support of THE CHESS CLASS turn your net surfing time into chess learning time. Rather than playing chess as a pastime with random players on social sites, improve your skills online under the guidance of our remarkable trainers.

Personal Training

THE CHESS CLASS lets you to learn from our highly qualified trainers at the convenience of being at your home. Those who cannot make time to attend chess coaching sessions at one of our branches can reach us for our tailor-made personal training

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child get a certificate?

Your child will earn a certificate with each level.

How will the class be conducted?

The class will be conducted online, in a live online format either one-on-one or in a small interactive group.

What do we need to start online classes?

All you need is:

  1. A Device (Desktop | Laptop | Tablet | Phone)
  2. Good internet connection
  3. Willingness to learn and explore

Chess is one of the few sports that can be learned online and offline equally well with guided training, practice, and analysis.

How much time does it take to learn chess?

Our beginner level teaches how to play chess as per international rules and basic strategies. For advanced and master levels, it requires dedicated time and practice. Grandmasters still practice for 6 to 10 hours every day.

What will my child learn in beginner level?

A child who completes Beginner level as per ChessBrains64 Academy’s curriculum knows more about Chess than an average adult who plays Chess as a hobby with friends / family traditionally

What will my child learn in one level?

We have 5 fundamental levels, followed by master level training (all the levels are well structured and are developed scientifically). Depending upon your child’s chess level, they join either of the level.

Why kids should learn Chess?

Chess is the 21st century skill: Learning Chess will help your child in Improving Math | Logical thinking | Think Strategically | Pattern Recognition | Quick Response Time | Building Confidence | Decision making | Reduce Anxiety | Planning & Problem Solving | Increasing Self Awareness. Click on the following link for researched backed benefits of chess

Can I take break between classes?

Yes, our levels are very well structured, this allows you to take a small break and then start from exactly where you stopped. You can even switch between the formats e.g. from private one-on-one to Group classes and also change frequency.

Who will teach?

All our coaches are certified, well trained and experienced. For different level we have different coaches. E.g. for beginner level coaches, we have trained them in a way that they make chess fun and engaging for kids… for higher levels when kids are participating in tournaments and national and international competitions, we even have IMs (International Masters) and GMs (Grand Masters) train our students.

Time and Days of class?

Batch timings are flexible, not just for private classes but also for group classes, we have a lot of options for days, format and time. Our team will share the best options for you.

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Chess is one of the few sports that can be learned online really well with guided training, practice, and analysis. Learning it online helps in visualizing the pattern and possible moves.

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